Back to Nature conference / workshops

Back to Nature Conference and Workshops

Friday 17 May, 9am – 4pm

Program Schedule

9:00 Open for Registration
9:30 Start – Welcome
9:40 Building Biology: Is Your Home Making you Sick? There are Solutions.
Joachim Herrmann
10:30 Ice Cider and Real Cider: Why Ice Cider? The Natural Choice. The History and how is it made.
Ralph Wilson
10:50 Tea Break
11:10 Really Awesome Whole Foods: Fermenting Foods. Creating Supertonics
Tim McNeilly
11:30 Seeing The Invisible. Nature can teach you.
Harald Tietze
11:50 Yummy Pro-biotic Lunch
12:50 Make your own REAL Sauerkraut
Harald Tietze
13:30 Make Your Own Delicious,
Pro-biotic Kombucha and Kefir
Tim McNeilly
14:40 Afternoon herbal tea
15:00 Herbal Medicine made at Home
Teas, Oils, Ointments and their use.
Harald Tietze
16:00 Finish Seminar

Convenor is Harald Tietze

Cost $60 includes:

  • Morning and afternoon tea
  • Yummy pro-biotic lunch
  • 2 relevant hard copy books
  • 3 relevant e-books (valued at over $60)

Joachim Herrmann (M.Sc., Dip.Ed.) is practising as an Indoor Environment Consultant (Building Biologist, certif.BBE, NZ). His interest in the subject dates back 25 years, when he started studying natural building methods, energy efficiency, indoor pollution, dowsing, Feng Shui, Sick Building Syndrome, bio harmonic architecture and sustainable building.

Joachim conducts home and office consultations to improve health and productivity, often in conjunction with other healing professionals. He also collaborates with architects, building healthy, sustainable and healing homes.

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ralph judy wilson wilgro

Ralph Wilson and his wife Judy are the happy owners of Wilgro Orchards just outside Batlow, where they grow a variety of deciduous fruits including apples, cherries and berries. From their farm gate stall they market a wide range of value-added fruit products including apple cider vinegar, fruit vinegars and, their latest venture, traditional hand-crafted apple cider.

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Tim McNeilly has been fermenting for over 25 years, and will share his experiences, experiments and things learned along the way. Over the last 8 years, he has been running Fermenting Workshops throughout Oz, and has educated over 1500 people about getting their gut health back on-track… He presents in a fun, easy to follow way, with a few laughs thrown in too…

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Harald Tietze is an author, publisher and researcher. Harald has written over 30 health-related books so far and has lectured in all continents, visiting a total of 58 countries. His work has been translated into more than 30 languages.

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Sunday 19 May, 1pm – 4pm

Harald has had a keen interest in dowsing since childhood when he observed his father dowsing with his willow rod to find water-veins to drill for water. In his work with natural healing, he repeatedly come across the fact that various diseases occur increasingly where earth energy lines and electromagnetic fields occur. The body’s reaction to these can be measured with a simple digital device.

Dowsing is about more than just finding water. The Earth’s gravitational and electromagnetic lines can have an effect on human health, animal behaviour, and the natural environment. During this three-hour experience, guests will learn an introduction to dowsing, intuition and more. You will have a hands on experience walking among trees in the local area, learning to see lines and find where they are.

Cost $30 includes:

  • Afternoon tea
  • E-book “The Dowsing Manual”
  • Hard copy book “Maximise Your Mind”
  • Tuition
  • Practical experience