2020 Stallholder Applications

Expression of Interest applications are now open.

Please note that if you are applying for a food stall or your stall is selling any type of food, you need to complete both the Food Stalls Application, the Temporary Food Business Application Form, along with the Temporary Food Stall Checklist.

Contact Col Agate on 0408 485 965 or regarding food stalls and general stalls.

Please note that alcohol stalls will require a copy of your current Liquor License and a copy of the NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol certification for each person working on your stall. NSW Responsible Service of Alcohol signage must be displayed. The signs must be original as supplied by Liquor & Gaming NSW. (Copies not acceptable sorry.)

Contact Kylie Boxsell on 0428 491 634 or regarding alcohol stalls.


All applications close 20 April 2020

Temporary Food Stall Checklist

Temporary Food Business Application Form

2019 General Stalls Application

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2019 Alcohol Stalls Application